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Accepting Gently Used Softline's
Now Through Earth Day 2022

Hello Supporters:

We need your help! With colder months an Artic breeze away and Winter blankets emerging from the basement... we all are cleaning our closest, totes and the "maybe those will fit after Covid" piles!

While you're working on that we are busy hosting a FunDrive via Savers which consists of collecting lots and lots of used soft lines. Pack em' up, bag em' up and send them over our way! Our goal is for 225 bags of clothing!


What's Accepted:

Just a note: heavily soiled items will be rejected.

Thank you for understanding!

*Gently used clothes


*Bedding and curtains

*Sleeping bags

*Home furnishing fabrics




*Pillows and pillow covers

*Cushion and cushion covers

*Carpets and rugs

*Wall hangings


*Table cloths and mats

*Kitchen linen 

*Bathroom accessories

Thank you all so much!

Erin Nascimento

Founder, Red.Lined

Commit to Donate a Bag of Clothing

Would you like to participate?  Please note if you would like pick-up or the address for drop off in North Providence.
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