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As a Community Advocate my first job is to try. Try my very hardest to take care of those in need. I like to start at home and in my own town - North Providence, RI. I actively volunteer my time with community hunger reduction efforts. I 'm part of a team of local Moms accelerating a $350k. state of the art - all inclusive, accessible playground. I distribute literature through my Little Free Library, with a focus on elementary aged reading. I truly love my community and have found a voice within it, for that I am beyond grateful.  I am an ally for LBGTQIA+ rights, support and in general put mental health above all else.

In my own life, I talk to the earth and animals:, any given day you can find me with my housemates : Hershey and Snickers the budgie brothers, Herbie the catfish, Tonka and Ollie my pups and my 15 year old tarantula, Red. Of course there is also my partners in crime, my husband and child. I have yet to find an income generating career that I love but do hold two jobs on top of directing Red.Lined. I am currently studying ASL as a second language. I am a 5th year Girl Scout Volunteer and the go to for Cookie Season (wink wink)... 


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Born and raised in Providence, Deb was a student of the Providence school system.  She understands,  first hand the struggles that come from living at or near poverty level.  In her teens,  Deb was given the opportunity to attend a (then called) "magnet school" in Providence's south end. It was at that school that her passion for all things financial began.  Deb believes that she was given a hand- up in life,  and that blessing has made her truly appreciate Red.Lined's mission.   As the board's Treasurer she will ensure proper and accurate financial records are kept.
When Deb doesn't have her head in a book,  you'll find her spending time with her family and her favorite fur baby,  Daisy.



A native Rhode Islander with a soft spot for Providence, Shannon is passionate about her community, women’s rights, and LQBTQIA+ advocacy and inclusion — interests which make her a natural fit for Red.Lined! As the Board’s Secretary, Shannon supports the mission’s efforts by documenting and organizing internal communications. Shannon is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Literature and would love to swap book recommendations! In her free time, you can usually find her coaching fitness classes, working out, and enjoying RI’s biking trails.








As the youngest volunteer on our board, Kelly is spirited and values meaningful motivation.  She identifies important tasks, working across many functions in her career. Tech-savvy, Kelly has the ability to quickly adapt to the newest technology as soon as it hits the shelves. She puts her heart into causes that have effected her life, friends and family such as, mental health awareness, suicide awareness and alternative medicines. These points make her an excellent fit for the Red.Lined mission.  Alternatively,  she is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new friends, co-workers etc. She spends her free time pampering Charlie, her rescue Beagle, who likewise, has rescued her! 

Rachel Quint is a self proclaimed "One Woman Wonka".

She is a professional content creator, writer, performer and all around business ghoul & SURPISE!!! ... Rachel has a passion for ending period poverty. We just couldn't help but take her up on her offer to assist with Red.Lined's social media. As a volunteer she will also take part in marketing and product research (AKA experimenting crazy-coupon-queen).

Ask her about her cats.
- meow - 


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Bre is the only youth on the team, defaulted as a volunteer, and is happy to help (usually, wink-wink).  She has quite in the resume as far as volunteerism and giving back to her community goes. In 2020 she collected $560 and a total of 110 boxes of cookies, hand delivering them to essential workers during the Coivd-19 pandemic.

If you've received a red.kit, most likely Bre packed it! This is one of her many super powers. She is a wiz with tagging and bagging, but stay clear when she's got the tagging-gun in hand! Who knows what might be branded next !! She is a sweet, empathetic young lady, and with the help of Girl Scouts is learning to become a strong independent human.  She is interested in all things science and engineering and is always offering excellent advice on how to operate more efficiently. Her dream job is a Veterinarian!  She is studying ASL as a second language. Her sprit animal is a wolf, but she really LOVES cats!

Red.Lined is a small, homebased non-profit. Most times our volunteers operate from the comfort of their own space. 

Currently we are seeking a high-school youth dedicated to excelling our social media presence. This will include some level of digital design, a great applicant would be familiar with constructing posts already! The applicant must be familiar with both FB and IG, have personal accounts for both, and dedication to 1-2 quality posts per week. Subjects will vary. 

We are also seeking a second youth, high school or college, interested in journalism or like subjects, wanting to explore running a blog for Red.Lined. The applicant must be familiar with both FB and IG, have personal accounts for both, and dedication to 2 quality blogs per month. Subjects will vary.