What we are
The Peanut Butter
  •  We are a non-profit


  •  We support other non-profits & locations that are accessible to the people who need them most.

Those that we supply receive, pad and tampon kits, sometimes they get bulk supplies, sometimes they get incontinence supplies.

  • We are small and mighty, it as a great little space that we have. in to comfort of our homes.

  • I do it because I love it! There is no gain other than connections, love, appreciation and gratitude. 

Goes together

Are you a:
Location Manger
Social Worker
School Nurse
Parent of a Students
Community Advocate
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& the Jelly
What we're not
  • We do not supply individual menstruators. We supply other organizations.

  • We don't fit the mold: if there is a location that is not typical for our services, but has our product- that just makes sense to us.

  • We're not big: we do not have unlimited free supplies. We rely on donations.

  • It's not Complicated, we stick to what we know. Period.