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Accepting Gently Used Softline's
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Hello Supporters: Our ongoing clothing drive - supports two wonderful causes. 



What's Accepted:

Just a note: heavily soiled items will be rejected.

Thank you for understanding!

*Gently used clothes


*Bedding and curtains

*Sleeping bags

*Home furnishing fabrics




*Pillows and pillow covers

*Cushion and cushion covers

*Carpets and rugs

*Wall hangings


*Table cloths and mats

*Kitchen linen 

*Bathroom linen

Thank you all so much!

Erin Nascimento

Founder, Red.Lined

Commit to Donate a Bag of Clothing

Would you like to participate?  Please note if you would like pick-up or the address for drop off in North Providence.
Just fill out this form!

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