Our Story

The First Step

Red.Lined started with a comment: 

"tampons are a commodity in the homeless community".


That got us thinking, who else goes without menstrual supplies and why? Sometime the person is young, unaware, unprepared and needs a little help to get on their way. Sometimes there aren't any funds to spend on a $7.00 box of tampons. Sometimes, they're free... but simply not accessible, like a food pantry after they have closed for the day.

Community First.

Once we had a reason, an idea and the start of a solution, Red.Lined took form in June of 2021. We began collecting locally: pads, tampons, liners, menstrual cups and absorbent underwear. We have begun servicing all of North Providence Schools.

The Process

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With the help of our North Providence Community, along side all of Rhode Island, word of mouth and a strong social media presence, we are able to find donators right here in our own back yard. We also are initiating the Red.Bins, which are collection bins set up at a business or communicative area where donors can drop off supplies. Please see the "Red.Bin Locations" for the most updated drop stops!


Each Red.Kit is uniquely assembled by hand. Each kit has its own recipe that varies only by availability or brands and sizes. Items are mixed: Tampax, Kotex, Always, Stayfree & more.

Since we use once loved cosmetic bags and other like travel bags, they are inspected, cleaned, disinfected and inspected once more before filling. Once filled they are topped off with a cute tag to remind the user of how special they are.



Distribution is done by the lead volunteer. Red.Sites are established only after contact is made with the Nurse's or owners. A list of Red.Sites and Red.Bins can be found below. We are always looking for new accessible sites.